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The Kossack Stud, arabian horses
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As the purebred arabian is meant to please and perform,
The Kossack Stud demands, charism and beauty of its horses.
Starting point for breeding, showing and performance,
it pays off. So why should you accept any less?……

As the arabian horse is meant to please and perform, the Kossack Stud demands charisma and beauty of its horses. Our vision is and has always been, quality instead of quantity. The names of “Den Hartog” and “The Kossack Stud” are globally known among horse lovers and forever linked with top quality arabian horses of the best Russian bloodlines outside Russia, and the best French bloodlines outside France.


Being the fourth generation in horses, Robbie den Hartog Jr. is following his great grandfather. His father Robbie den Hartog Sr. started to import horses from the Soviet Union in 1959. Since that time, more than 300.000 horses of all kinds of breeds made their move to western Europe under the guidance of the Den Hartog family. Robbie Sr bought his first purebred arabian at an exhibition in Moscow in 1966. This was the stallion Neptun (Pomeranets x Nejenka by Naseem), bred by Tersk Stud. Thereafter, many arabian horses followed in partnership with the world-famous Tersk Stud.

Robbie den Hartog Jr., painting of Neptun, and Robbie den Hartog Sr.
Robbie den Hartog Jr., painting of Neptun, and Robbie den Hartog Sr.

In our opinion in marketing horses, an important key is ensuring client’s success. Many famous purebred arabians have passed The Kossack Stud in the Netherlands on their way to new owners to write history, like: Muscat (USA), Moment (USA), Nariadni (USA), Padron (USA), Poznan (USA), Naturel (USA), Peleng (UK), Menes (USA), Bagdad (Germany), Pesennik (Brazil), Grand (Italy), Koronec (Saudi Arabia), Drug (UAE), Vatican (Jordan), and many, many others.


From 1990 till 2006 we organized in partnership with Tersk Stud, the ”TERSK HOLLAND SALE”, a ”Meeting Point” for the International Arabian Horse World. A lot of high-quality horses were sold in this Sale, like: ”Kubinec”, European and World Champion Stallion; ”Sambist”, high-class racehorse; ”Naira”, top-class racehorse and the dam of the world-famous Robbie – Winner of 11 Group I races; ”Abakan”, international known breeding stallion; “Pakistan“, very successful breeding sire in UK and UAE; “Karaganda“, European Champion Mare; ”Pomazok”, international race- and endurance horse; ”Magdalina”, International Show Champion Mare; ”Nokdaun”, one of the best racehorses in Europe;  ”Balenca”, UK National Champion Mare; ”Padishah’‘, European Reserve Champion Stallion; and many others.

The Kossack Stud is still situated in the beautiful polder ‘De Beemster’, part of the World Heritage of UNESCO, close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After more than 30 years at the big farm situated at the Zuiderweg, we moved to a smaller facility at the Oostdijk in 2018; to stay focused on our vision, quality instead of quantity.


Besides, we started a partnership with Haras du Pachot, Wim and Karolien Strobbe – Heyns in the South of France, in Castelsagrat, ca. 60km north of Toulouse. Several of our performance mares are now at Haras du Pachot. Together we breed a select number of promising racing and sport horses each year. Also, our young horses grow up there in an area with hills and grass under very good climate circumstances.

As the purebred arabian is meant to please and perform, the Kossack Stud demands character, charism, and beauty of its horses; that’s why you will find the Kossack Stud’s horses in the showring as well as in the sport all around the world.



With a lot of success, the Kossack-bred, owned and trained horses are shown: European Champions (Muslin, Penza, Narew, Prononce, Kuma, Poshlina, Top, Gomel, Grusza, Penzazz, Drug, and Balaton ), All Nations Cup Champions (Nadejni, Popova (twice), Prononce, Valuta), Title Show Champions (Kuma, Kaberdinka, and Gomel), A and B Show Champions, and innumerable National Champions. More recent highlights were the Gold Champion Stallion title for PrimeVal Kossack (Stival x Pribaltika by Balaton) at the European Breeders Championships in France, at the same show A Kanz of Kossack (Kanz Albidayer x Ariel by Aja Shakakhan) was Silver Champion Yearling Colt.



The use of the purebred Arabians at the Kossack Stud is considered as a must. Some of our horses are also trained for the higher levels in dressage. Tron (Nabeg x Teberda), raced at the age of two and three in Russia. After his importation in Holland, he was trained by Mrs. Erny den Hartog (Grand Prix rider) for dressage; he was several times National and International Champion under the saddle; even in the National Championships under the saddle, he came on the 4th place, with tough competition with warmblood sport horses. He reached the prix St. George-level in dressage.


After the very successful show career of Gomel (Peleng x Miest by Salon) with the European Champion Title as highlight, Erny den Hartog started him under the saddle as well; the result was enormous: National-, International- and European Championships under the saddle; but even more impressive are his wins in the different dressage competitions against dutch warmblood horses. He is known all over Europe, to be one of the very few Arabian Purebreds, who could compete with warmblood horses as a TOP dressage horse. Gomel competed also on the Prix St. George-level in dressage.


The next generation is following in the footsteps. Tara den Hartog is training PrimeVal Kossack (Stival x Pribaltika by Balaton) for the dressage after his very successful show career with the Gold Champion Title at the European Breeders Championships as highlight. With National Championships Dressage, the WAHO Trophy, the 2021 European Champion Champion Title Dressage (at Prix St. George-level), and already competing at Prix St. George dressage level between the warmblood horses, he proves to be a TOP dressage horse! The new upcoming talent for Tara den Hartog is A Kanz of Kossack (Kanz Albidayer x Ariel by Aja Shakakhan) who shows a lot of capacity for the higher dressage levels.


At the racetracks, the Kossacks and Kossack bloodlines are winning in Europe, Middle East, and South America. Since 1988, when Vaimar (Menes x Mastika by Aswan) was second in the International Dubai Stakes to french Dormane, horses of the Kossack Stud are competing on international levels. Highlights for the Kossack Stud are the win of Drug (Prizrak x Karinka by Aswan) in the International Coupe d’Europe at the Evry Racetrack in France as well as the victory of Sambist (Balaton x Stihia by Topol) in the Al Nayan International at Kempton Park Racecourse in the United Kingdom.


In the last years the products of the Kossack Stud, out of proven Russian race-mares crossed with the best French race-sires, are the winners at the racetracks nowadays, like Sabina (Kesberoy x Sanita by Naftalin) winner of the Big Prize of Europe in Mannheim in Germany, Poulain Kossack (Nougatin x Pengalia Kossack by Bengali d’Albret) winner of the Qatar Cup (Prix Dragon) by beating the top racehorses, like TM Fred Texas, at Longchamp racecourse in France, and  Kentauer Kossack (Marwan x Vesna by Aswan) and Vasyli Kossack (Marwan x Vydumka by Madiar) being the best 4-year-old and 3-year-old racehorses in Poland. Recently, a special moment was the first Kossack win on South American soil. V-Power Kossack (Spiderman Kossack x Vivien by Abitibi) won at the racetrack in Santiago de Chile.



Also in the endurance, Kossack Stud’s horses are competing on the highest levels, like Voila Kossack (Drug x Vengria by Menes) – CEI*** 160km in Germany; Vaincre Kossack (Marwan x Vesna by Aswan) – CEI*** 160km in Spain; Bareur Kossack (Marwan x Butha by Antey) – CEI** 120km in Germany; Kentauer Kossack (Marwan x Vesna by Aswan) – CEI** 120km in Spain; VIP Kossack (Marwan x Vydumka by Madiar) – CEI** 120km in Poland; Nuphar Kossack (Kunar T x Nuba Kossack by Kubinec) – CEI** 120km in Spain; V-Power Kossack (Spiderman Kossack x Vivien by Abitibi) – CEI** 120km in Chile; and many more upcoming talents.