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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides information about the data we process and store from our customers and visitors to our website. We believe it is important to ensure that our services are transparent, personal, and reliable. The Kossack Stud handles your data carefully and ensures that every processing of your data complies with applicable laws and regulations.


This privacy policy may change from time to time if new developments occur. The Kossack Stud recommends that you periodically consult this privacy policy, so you are always aware of the latest changes. This privacy policy was last modified on February 28, 2021.


When does this privacy policy apply?
This privacy policy applies to all data the Kossack Stud collects and processes from visitors to our website.

On the Kossack Stud website, you will find a number of links to other websites such as social media. Although these websites have been selected with care, we are not responsible for the processing of your personal data via these websites. This privacy policy does not apply to the use of such websites.


Who is responsible for your data?
The Kossack Stud is responsible for the processing of personal data as described in this privacy policy. For privacy-related questions, you can contact us by e-mail (


Table of Contents Privacy Policy:

  1. Explanation of the structure of this Privacy Policy
  2. Which data do we process for which purpose and how do we get it?
  3. Which data do we process for questions & complaints?
  4. The Kossack Stud websites
  5. Feedback from the customer
  6. How do we protect your data?
  7. Questions and requests for access, correction, and removal


1. Explanation of the structure of this Privacy Policy
In this Privacy and Cookie Policy we describe which personal data the Kossack Stud processes to provide a specific service and what that exactly means.


2. Which data do we process for which purpose and how do we get it?

Customer data:
As a supplier to our customers, it is necessary to register our customer data. This helps us to perform our agreements. This data includes: Company name, contact name, mailing address, delivery address, email address & telephone number. We receive this information in writing, by e-mail or by telephone from our customer.

Website visitors data:
In order to get an idea of ​​the visitors (numbers, country of origin) of our website, we only record data regarding the presence and click behavior of our visitors. For this we use tools such as Google Analytics. No further analyzes are carried out based on IP addresses or other data. We keep data for this purpose at least 1 year after the last use of the website. This subject is further elaborated under point 5.


3. What data do we process for questions & complaints?
When you ask a question or submit a complaint to the Kossack Stud or when you contact us by telephone, e-mail, via social media, or by post, we can use your contact details (such as company name, name, address, place of residence, gender, telephone number and/or e-mail address) to deal with your question or complaint and to contact you later with additional information. We only use this personal data for this purpose and your personal data is only accessible to those within the Kossack Stud who are involved in handling your question or complaint.

We do not store questions, complaints, and your contact details for longer than 2 years, unless the nature of the question or complaint requires us to keep it longer.


4. The Kossack Stud websites
The Kossack Stud offers an SSL secured website

When you visit the Kossack Stud website, we process a number of data (IP address, page visit) in order to be able to offer the functionalities of the online information and to technically manage it. Therefore, we do not use cookies to comprehensively analyze the surfing behavior of our visitors.


5. Feedback from the customer
The Kossack Stud wants to continuously improve its services, for which we can ask you for feedback after we have asked for your permission. With this information we can, for example, better organize our websites and make any adjustments. From time to time we may therefore ask questions about your experience when using our services, for example during or after the realization of a service. You decide whether and what information you wish to give us about your experience. We link your feedback with other information we have about you such as your previous services to research how we can improve the services. If we have additional information for you, we may contact you at a later date to respond to your feedback.

We keep your feedback for the period that we need to make any adjustments to our systems and, if necessary, to inform you about how we have processed your feedback for a period that does not exceed 12 months. We will then delete this information.

In addition to this privacy policy, the Kossack Stud can provide specific information about the use of a social media platform for a particular service or promotion. This information then applies above the provisions of this privacy policy. In addition to this privacy policy, the privacy policy, terms of use and other statements of the relevant social media platform apply. The Kossack Stud recommends that you also read these terms of use and other statements carefully. These may deviate from the Kossack Stud’s privacy policy. When you visit social media pages (or in particular if you comment on them), we may collect information about your social media usage that we have engaged with third party service providers. In particular, information may be collected from public posts posted by you regarding the Kossack Stud. This data is processed to better understand the behavior and possible preferences of the Kossack Stud customers.


6. How do we protect your data?
The Kossack Stud is extremely careful with your personal data. We have taken various technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful use. For example, we secure our systems and applications in accordance with the applicable standards for information security. In the unlikely event that a situation arises in which personal data has accidentally ended up in the wrong place, the parties involved will be contacted within the set term and a data breach will be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Appropriate measures will then be taken based on a revised risk analysis.


7. Questions and requests for access, correction, and deletion
You can at any time request access to the data the Kossack Stud collects about you and have it corrected or deleted by sending a request to

If you have any questions or complaints or if you want to respond to this privacy policy, you can contact the Kossack Stud via

The Kossack Stud, February 2021